Tuesday, September 14, 2021

All New Haunt 'Temecula Terror' Reveals 2021 Scares and More!

Looks like some fresh screams are in store for those around the Inland Empire region of Southern California, and by the sounds of things, they have a fairly unique take on the ideas that are coming to fill the night with screams.

New and tasty horror is always a welcome thing in my mind after all.

But, before we get to our breakdown of things, let's see what they have to say first!

This October the Inland Empire will be home (or should we say a haunted home) to an all-new, hair-raising, terrifying haunt: Temecula Terror. Open for 19-days, October 1- 31, Temecula Terror invites thrill-seekers to visit a creepy, small town, off a back road in the Temecula Valley, and step into a Halloween Harvest Carnival… with a sinister intention. Tickets start at $20 USD for adults and are on sale today at www.temeculaterror.com.


Dubbed an Indie-Style Haunt, Temecula Terror is located in Galway Downs, a unique outdoor experience located in the wild, shadowing hills of the Temecula Valley Wine Country. Lit only by the stars in the sky and the event’s carnival lights, Temecula Terror will deliver frights for 19-days with 3 mazes, 2 bars, 1 VIP Bar, nightly live DJ and entertainment, carnival games, local food trucks, a pumpkin patch, and a scare zone with roaming monsters.


“Without giving too much away, Temecula Terror encourages those who dare to make it past the fanfare of the carnival and circus to discover that the small town hidden behind it, in the middle of wine country, is the real haunted attraction and not necessarily the carnival,” shared Jeromy Ball, Bloodshed Brothers.


Zachary Ball, twin brother to Jeromy Ball and other half of the Bloodshed Brothers added, “For those really looking to test their bravery, we dare you to step inside the maze we’re calling 301 Hyde Street - some of our own team members were spooked just going over the build and storyline.”


In addition to the frights, Temecula Terror offers something for haunt-lovers of all ages: Family Fright starts 5:00pm with a pumpkin patch, carnival games, trick-or-treating, food and more. Then at 7:00pm, as the sun starts to set and hide behind the rolling hills, the sinister scares begin as the monsters and ominous spirits are unleashed.


Bringing to life the biggest "haunt" Temecula has ever seen this spooky season, Temecula Terror tickets go on sale today and start at just $20 per adult (12+ years) and $10 for children (Family Fright). Local event production companies Bloodshed Brothers and Clever Coven have banded together to create the first-year haunt with an emphasis on involving local companies, brands, and stories from the heart of Temecula Valley. Visit www.TemeculaTerror.com for more information, to purchase tickets and to stay up to date on Temecula Terror announcements, sales, and more.

Okay, that's a lot to take in and on the surface, it sounds like a great premise. The whole misdirection of the carnival not really being the haunt and the town itself, which I assume is part of the attraction, will be where the real horror lies. Maybe the carnival is just there to lure people in? Certainly a solid trope that we've seen in horror movies for years and one that I haven't seen too often in a haunted attraction, so I'm definitely curious on how they plan to pull that off.

I like that they have the mazes and even a scare zone here as well, definitely a good variety of things and for the price of tickets currently. Even if they are a little generic in their themes; being a Haunted House, Crypt and Asylum, they have managed to weave them together into the overall story for the event. That's always something I love to see and hopefully they've themed them to fit together with little nods here and there to the others.

Outside of that, it seems really ambitious for a first year haunt and they have a lot going on with the bars, music, things for kids to do, etc. That's a lot to manage, and while not impossible, does potentially leave for some issues on a few levels, but more importantly for families that want to do it all but can't because of little ones in tow, etc. So, it's definitely sounding like those with families and young critters may need to plan for two trips if they want to do it all. 

Overall, it seems like a pretty interesting event with something that should cater to everyone. How it does with the current climate of live events, that will remain to be seen, but sending them all the lovely misfortune that I can muster for a great season! 

Tickets are, at the time of this writing: $10 for 11 and under, $25 for 12+, and and $35 for the VIP ticket. There's also a $5 charge for parking. 
Dates: Thursdays-Sunday in October, starting on October 1st. 

Until next time,

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares!

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