Q: What does 24x79 have to do with haunts, or even mean?

A: 24x79 is the measurements for the standard dimensions of the interior of a casket. So, as you can see, it's quite fitting.

Q: How long have you been doing haunted attraction reviews?

A: Professionally, 9 years now.

Q: Why did you stop reviewing on Kitsuneverse.com?

A: Needed to compartmentalize some things, plus it's easier to have all of this separate since everything on that site was getting out of hand. So, here we are!

Q: Why don't you have a rating system? How will I know if it's good?!

A: Ratings are silly, and get convoluted very quickly. There's no formula or number system, just the raw description of what the show was before our eyes.

You can read the reviews on the site to find out! We specialize in long form reviews that dive into more than just what's on the surface and paint the story of our experience. 

Q: Can you review X Haunt?!

A: I don't do special requests, but if they want to invite me out, I'll look into the possibility of getting there. September and October are very busy months around here!

Q: Will you be doing Haunt Tour review events like you did before? 

A: Of course! Just not right away, it's gonna take a little time to get things sorted there before I dive back into bigger trips but expect the return of our attraction awards and a lot of West Coast reviews this time around!

More to come

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