Our History

The entire purpose of this site is actually the fault of another website entirely, odd how that happens.

Back in 2012, she set out on a quest to start a website that was not only about her own life, but also to cover the haunted attraction industry as well as all manner of conventions. The reason for it, because people were just getting "good review" lip service in exchange for free tickets and just handing out press releases without much secondary thought to what was in them.

Since then, the idea has been tweaked and changed bit by bit until it became clear that it needed it's own space to breathe fully. So, here we are with 24x79, a place for no nonsense haunted attraction reporting that covers everything from the small mom and pop haunts that dot the landscape, to the mega theme park events that take place every year. 

Not content with just that? Well you'll find writings about whatever other horror/spooky themed thing that Kit finds interesting too. This isn't to be some kind of end all be all of haunt/horror news, but to be one source of it with a unique voice.

I'm proud to continue the tradition that was started over 9 years ago, and look forward to even more mayhem over the next coming decade!

Editor: Kit Casket

Kit, has been part of the haunted attraction industry going back 25 years now. Starting from working small hayrides in Pennsylvania, she moved up to larger productions such as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, Pittsburgh's ScareHouse and Hundred Acres Manor.

These days you'll find her in search of the most extreme and over the top Halloween Events and conventions all across the US, same goes with the nearest bar...hey, it happens.

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, Kit uses these experiences traveling all over to visit, review, and report on Halloweeen and Haunt Events of all shapes and sizes along with other experiences in search of the best chaos and adrenaline rushes she can find.