Thursday, October 18, 2018

2018 Review Tour Cancelled and 2019 News

Hey everyone, this may come as a shock (read: not really) but this year I won't be attending any haunts and therefore not doing any reviews. This is the second year now that I really haven't done much and there's a good reason for that...


Yep, that's right, just finished the first part of a move to a much better location than previous. There's actually people here, and things. However, there's no haunts anywhere nearby which is a massive bummer. The nearest haunted house to me? 104 miles away. Scary to think that's actually an improvement over the last place we were living, where it was like 150. So, I know what you're saying now, "So what? You traveled a ton to visit them before, why does it matter now?" and that's a valid point.

However, unlike before, it's a little trickier to get up and go all the time here given that nothing is even remotely close. Back in the Pittsburgh area, there were about 50 haunts within that radius from my house.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm throwing in the towel, not in the least. It does mean that I will be taking a slight break and figuring out how to do one of the things I love from this remote of a location. This may mean planning trips that are longer in an area to get the most bang for the buck, trying to get more sponsorship (read: any), stealing people's kidneys in their sleep (mostly kidding), or flat out doing something crazy like Patreon, or something else entirely.

So, while this haunt season is nearly ended, I'm going to work on everything that's needed for next season to be amazing from our end of things. On top of that, I fully plan to start reporting on news from haunts large and small all over the US and beyond once more as well. That should help ease things until we get back on the road.

I also am working on shifting all of the reviews that were formerly on to this site as well, and hope that in the coming year I'll have them all shifted over.

Really looking forward to what this new region is going to bring as far as haunts go and sharing that with you in 2019 and beyond!

Sweet Screams and Pleasant Nightmares!

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